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What is the cost of Teeth Whitening?

December 16, 2020
Teeth Whitening

Yellow stains on the teeth and tooth discoloration have become very prominent problems in today’s time. The reasons behind such problems are many. You need to know that tooth discoloration or yellowish teeth, can have a negative impact on your overall appearance and also make you feel awkward when talking to others. Fortunately, you can now get rid of the yellow stains by undergoing teeth whitening. Here at Inland Choice Dental, we often come across questions related to the cost of undergoing a teeth whitening treatment. As a result, we decided to post a blog that will provide an answer to all such questions. Therefore, if you have any confusion, do not hesitate to go through the sections below.

The cost of teeth-whitening treatment directly depends on whether you choose to do it at home or want to book an appointment at a professional dental office. The whitening of teeth can be done at home with the use of whitening strips that are available on the market. The boxes you get at the stores consist of an adequate number of strips to treat your teeth for an entire week. The price of these boxes can range from $20 to $40 per box. Hence, it is perhaps the most inexpensive option one can avail of to get rid of the yellow stains. But, it is not as efficient as professional teeth whitening. You can also get over-the-counter trays that you fill with a whitening solution and place over your teeth. The expenditure for adopting this method is $100. These methods are time-consuming but do yield results in the long run.

Wanting to know about some of the other domestic methods of teeth whitening? We have provided them to you in the pointers below:

  • Apply baking soda on your teeth
  • Use the method of oil pulling
  • Make sure to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits
  • Use hydrogen peroxide

Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening

Now, let us talk about the cost of undergoing professional teeth whitening. The amount of money to be paid by a person depends on his/her needs or requirements. Certain factors determine the cost of teeth whitening treatment. These are – the cost of living in the area where the dental office is, products used in the treatment, money charged by the dentist or the dental professional (based on his/her expertise and experience), and the difficulty of the situation. The average cost of undergoing whitening treatment at a professional dental office is $650-$1000 or more. If you think that the amount is a lot then you should know that this method is far more efficient and less time-consuming if compared with the domestic whitening options. The whitening strips available in the market consist of 10% of hydrogen peroxide. Whereas the bleaching agents used by the professionals at a dental office consist of 25 and 40 percent hydrogen peroxide. 

We hope that you have now gained detailed knowledge about the cost of undergoing a teeth-whitening treatment. If you are looking for the best teeth whitening treatment in Riverside, CA, contact Inland Choice Dental. You can also avail a wide array of dental treatments at an affordable price. All you gotta do is just schedule your visit without hesitating a lot. Thank you.