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Such a clean place! The parking is great! Brought in my oldest sister because she was in so much pain from her tooth. The staff was really friendly and compassionate. I had just got out a 12 hour shift from the hospital and the staff had coffee creamer and all coffee supplies readily available for their customers. I cannot wait to see if my insurance covers me so I can be a patient here as well! The staff here is amazing and the place seems very eager to give the best service to its patients.

- Ludin Avila



Serving Families' Dental Needs in Riverside County, CA

Inland Choice Dental proudly serves the entire Riverside County area, including Brockton Ave, Wood Streets, Canyon Crest, Victoria, Ramona, San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Ontario, and Corona. Our family-friendly dental practice offers premium-quality dental care for patients of all ages.
Is Cosmetic Dentistry Riverside the Key to Your Dream Smile

Is Cosmetic Dentistry the Key to Your Dream Smile?

Is hiding your smile holding you back? Do you dream of flashing pearly whites with uninhibited confidence? Cosmetic dentistry could be the key to unlocking your dream smile! This specialized field goes beyond routine cleanings, offering a treasure trove of treatments to address everything from stubborn stains to pesky gaps. Imagine waking up with a smile that turns heads and makes you feel like a million bucks. Ready to ditch the photo filters and unveil your most radiant self? Explore the world of cosmetic dentistry and discover the smile you've always deserved!
All dental Implants Riverside Your Smile Solution - Inland Choice Dental

Are Dental Implants Your Ultimate Solution?

Tired of holding back your laugh because of missing teeth? Dentures slipping and sliding like a greased watermelon seed? Dental implants might just be the permanent solution you've been searching for! These little marvels of modern dentistry function and feel just like natural teeth, letting you bite into that juicy apple or flash a confident grin without a worry. But are they truly the ultimate solution? Well, that depends on your unique situation. Dental implants offer unmatched stability and longevity, but the procedure itself requires careful consideration. Think you might be a candidate for this dental game-changer?
Is Sedation Dentistry in Riverside Right for You? Everything You Need to Know

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

Dental anxiety shouldn't stop you from achieving a healthy smile. Sedation dentistry in Riverside offers a solution! It utilizes calming methods like nitrous oxide or oral medication to ease your nerves and make dental procedures more manageable. Imagine feeling relaxed during your appointment, with reduced anxiety and discomfort. Sedation dentistry can transform your dental experience, allowing you to achieve optimal oral health without fear.
Invisalign Riverside Discreet Teeth Straightening - Inland Choice Dental

Invisalign: Discreet Teeth Straightening?

Tired of hiding your smile behind metal braces? Invisalign in Riverside offers a discreet path to a straighter, more confident grin. These virtually invisible aligners gradually shift your teeth into their ideal positions, all without the hassle of traditional braces. Imagine enjoying delicious food, brushing and flossing with ease, and smiling freely – all while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Invisalign empowers you to achieve a beautiful smile without compromising your lifestyle.
When Should You Call an Emergency Dentist in

When Should You Call an Emergency Dentist?

Not all dental troubles require an immediate visit, but some situations demand a dentist's attention ASAP. If you're experiencing severe tooth pain, uncontrollable bleeding, a knocked-out or loose tooth, or facial swelling, don't hesitate! These could be signs of infection or trauma that need prompt professional care. Remember, a timely visit to the emergency dentist can save your tooth and prevent further complications.

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