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Hello to everyone who is looking for a great dentist! These guys are incredible. I've had terrible experiences before with dental work that was very painful (novacaine wears out quickly for me, my last dentist never stopped to give me more when needed) But I didn't feel any pain! And it was a 3 hour procedure. I came in really terrified ( as in I did some deep breathing in the bathroom before starting!) And then walked out feeling relieved. It was awesome. If you're looking for a great dentist, please come here!

- Suzanne Spence


Digital X-rays in Riverside, CA, offering advanced diagnostic imaging for precise dental evaluations.

Digital x-rays help diagnose cavities while they are tiny, often allowing for less invasive treatment. If they are caught early enough, decay may be stopped with some minor changes to your child’s homecare routine.

Using digital x-rays, the Riverside dentist can look for teeth that haven’t erupted yet, make sure your child’s jaws and teeth are developing well, and monitor whether orthodontic treatment will be needed in the future.

Today’s digital x-rays expose your child to less radiation than ever before. Lead aprons and taking x-rays only when necessary further reduce your child’s exposure.

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