Dental Implants Riverside, CA

Implants Dentist Riverside, CA

Over the last decade, dentistry has embraced technology and continues to make advancements to bring technical procedures such as dental implants to its patients. Dental implant in Riverside, CA are an excellent, long-lasting choice that brings you as close to growing new teeth as possible. At Inland Choice Dental, our dentists have extended experience working with single tooth implants to complex implant procedures. Our clinical director, Dr. David Choi is a prosthodontist, a specialist who was trained additional 3 extended years post-dental school. Dr. David Choi has worked with all types of complex procedures related to implants and restorative care.

Expertly placed in the same bone that once supported teeth, you’ll enjoy the strength and function of a natural tooth. Modern porcelains produce a result so life-like, you may forget they aren’t your natural teeth. Dentures can also be attached to implants when more than one missing tooth needs to be replaced. The stability and sense of confidence you develop with implants will leave you smiling.

Dr. David Choi and Dr. Andrew Choi use the latest technology to collect all the data necessary to help plan your restorative case. Digital x-rays, 3D mapping, models, and photographs prove valuable. Our prosthodontist, Dr. David Choi, and our dentist Dr. Andrew Choi partner up closely with local oral surgeons to bring all components of your case together. But at all times, they serve as the quarterback of the entire plan, communicating clearly and exclusively with our patients.

Implants (Surgical)

Many patients find the procedure of implant placement easier than they anticipated. Modern dental anesthetic numbs the site, and experienced hands carefully place the implant. A tiny guide hole provides a path for threading a small implant cylinder into place. The sterile piece is inserted into an exact location, and a smooth cover, or healing cap, protects the implant during the healing period.

In some cases, a temporary or permanent crown may be inserted at the time of surgery.

Implants can’t withstand normal bite forces until the bone has integrated fully into the implant body. Dr. David Choi and Dr. Andrew Choi will help you decide what will work best during the initial healing period, ensuring you’re able to function while still protecting your implants. This period usually lasts 3-7 months as the bone grows around the implant. Most patients experience minimal discomfort after placement, especially compared to an extraction.

Implants (Restorative)

A well thought out treatment plan that includes implants creates the opportunity for different restoration options.

After the healing period, crowns or bridges are custom-made and attached to the implants with small screws or dental cement.

One of Healthcare's Greatest Values

Even with all the benefits, the cost of dental implants are an important consideration. When your case brings together the latest imaging, advanced training, and modern materials, this service offers one of the best values in health care. Compared to the replacement of other parts of the body, most dental implant procedures can be done at a small fraction of those costs. Most patients carry on with normal activities right away and usually enjoy a lifetime of normal chewing, bite stability, and appearance. We know the cost of dental implants is an important part of creating a complete plan that works for you.

The cost of dental implant services involves several critical factors unique to each patient. A fee quoted without careful evaluation and treatment planning may not only be incomplete, but doesn’t consider what’s best for your mouth as an individual. The doctor customizes your treatment plan after careful evaluation your current oral conditions, needs, wants, and budget.

One thing is certain: You’ll get the highest value possible in modern implant dentistry. That means years of natural function and a smile you are proud to show. We look forward to discussing how we can partner together for the best solution for you!

How much are Implants in Riverside, CA ?

This is the burning question for all our patients. At Inland Choice Dental, we believe in giving our patients the full picture, not only with who we are and the services we offer, but also about how our fees are structured. This is why we have listed all our fees on our Office Fees Page.

In terms of implant pricing, there are many factors to the cost of the treatment. The cost depends on your bone quality, number of implants, bone grafting needs, types of restorations (crowns, implant dentures, bar-dentures), and even the brand of the implants used can factor into the cost. At Inland Choice Dental, we only use the best materials including US implant companies proven for their quality of implants. To be honest with you, if you are not looking for the cheapest price for implants, we may not be the dental office for you; we are not going to be the most expensive office in town either.

Our ideal patients are those who are looking for quality and honest dental care using the most advanced technology, detailed attention, and a fair value for their experience.

Welcome To Our Dental Family

Inland Choice Dental is accepting new patients of all ages. Call today to schedule an appointment. We offer a full suite of services, including breathtaking, customized smile makeovers.


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Vi Nguyen
Vi Nguyen
Great & friendly staff that really pampers you. They treat you like a guest rather than like a transaction. What really sets them apart: technology (updated tools, giant screen for visuals, etc), check-in process, transparent doctors that clue you in about your dental health & procedures (11/10), the experience, and they have an air purifier everywhere!!!! I mean... not even my PCP has them. Wish we would've found them sooner!
May 19, 2022
Alexandria Chavez
Alexandria Chavez
The ladies at the front desk are so sweet, considerate & helpful! The two dentists are amazing & really made me feel so comfortable. They made the process feel so fast & easy. I seriously cannot recommend them MORE.
May 23, 2022
Fernando Tamayo
Fernando Tamayo
I have not been to the dentist in a very long time and I was nervous to finally get a check up. I looked at the local business and this one caught my eye because of the great reviews. I scheduled a Sat appointment. I was able to sign in using a link and was seen right away. The staff was very nice and answered all my questions. I expressed to them I was nervous but they assured me there was nothing to worry about. My check up was quick and when it came down to understanding the charges for the procedures I had to undergo, the staff was very thorough and answered all my questions. I 100% would recommend this place. Dr. Andrews was very nice and I feel comfortable returning for my follow up visits and procedures.
Jan 27, 2022
Solah Yoo
Solah Yoo
Was Very Satisfied! Was very clean and everyone was super nice. Dr. Andrew treated my teeth carefully and explained details! He also speaks Korean! It was very helpful to me who have short English 🙂 I definitely recommend !
Mar 07, 2022
Ludin Avila
Ludin Avila
Such a clean place! The parking is great! Brought in my oldest sister because she was in so much pain from her tooth. The staff was really friendly and compassionate. I had just got out a 12 hour shift from the hospital and the staff had coffee creamer and all coffee supplies readily available for their customers. I cannot wait to see if my insurance covers me so I can be a patient here as well! The staff here is amazing and the place seems very eager to give the best service to its patients.
Feb 11, 2022

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