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Dr. Choi and his staff are incredible! I've been to quite a few dentists(i have bad teeth)and they are by far the best. They are professional, courteous, and welcoming. I felt comfortable the moment I walked in.

- Justin Phillips


Root canals at Inland Choice Dental in Riverside, CA, providing effective treatment for damaged or infected teeth.

Toothaches are a vivid reminder that teeth aren’t just pieces of hard tissue floating around in the gums. They are intricately formed sensory organs with layers of dentin and enamel protecting a living pulp. Coursing through the tooth’s pulp is a vital bundle of nerves and blood vessels providing nutrients and sensation to each tooth. As long as the pulp stays healthy, you’re rarely aware of the systems at work.

Tooth pain can be especially alarming, but it’s meant to warn you that something’s not right. Pain tells us that the bundle of nerves and vessels inside your tooth is irritated, damaged, or under attack.

A deep cavity can give bacteria access to the inner nerve bundle. In some cases, a significant infection, called an abscess, may develop in your jaw without any symptoms at all. If Dr. David Choi and Dr. Andrew Choi determine that the nerve won’t recover or if an infection is present, then root canal therapy may be suggested.

Contemporary anesthetics offer effective numbing to facilitate the gentle extraction of the inflamed nerve within the tooth. The nerve canal is meticulously disinfected and shaped, with a sealer used to fill the internal space. The restoration process typically involves placing a filling or crown on the tooth and restoring it to its original function. A comprehensive dentist in Riverside employs these advanced techniques to ensure a comfortable and successful procedure for patients undergoing endodontic treatment.

Are Root Canals Safe?

Internet articles continue to circulate claiming adverse health effects from root canals, despite years of research proving otherwise. Many of these claims rest on false theories put forward decades ago without any scientific basis. In fact, one popular Facebook article sounding a false alarm shakily rests on a 100-year-old study tossed aside long ago.

The American Association of Endodontists stays abreast of all research and can support the safety of this vital service. In fact, new techniques and materials make root canal treatment more successful than ever.

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