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All You Need To Know About Teeth Cleaning

December 30, 2021
Teeth Whitening

Many people fear having their teeth cleaned. It’s easy for people to be afraid of teeth cleaning. For most people, however, tooth cleaning is painless and simple. Understanding the details of the process will help you relax and make it easier to enjoy the minty-fresh results.

A physical examination

A dental hygienist is someone who performs teeth cleanings. They usually begin with a thorough examination of your whole mouth before the actual cleaning begins.

A mouth mirror is used by the dental hygienist to examine your gums and teeth for signs of gum disease or inflamed gums. If there are major issues, the dentist might contact the dental hygienist to confirm that it is okay to proceed.

Removal of plaque and tartar

The small mirror serves as a guide, and the dental hygienist uses the scalar to remove plaque as well as tartar from your gum line as well as between your teeth. This is normal. You will need to take more time to clean a specific spot if you have more tartar in your mouth.

By flossing and brushing, plaque is prevented from hardening into tartar. Tartar should be removed by your dentist once it has formed. If you don’t like the teeth cleaning process, it is best to floss more often.

Deep Teeth cleaning

The hygienist can brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush that is high-powered and makes a grinding sound. Although it sounds frightening, it is a great way to deep clean and remove tartar from the scaler.

Expert flossing

Expert flossing sessions are the best, regardless of whether you floss at home regularly or not. Your dentist can reach deep into your teeth to find any problems and areas where bleeding occurs.

While flossing at home might seem unnecessary, professional flossing removes all plaque and toothpaste left behind.

Mouth Gargling or rinsing

The next step is to properly rinse your mouth to remove any remaining debris. A rinse containing liquid fluoride will be provided by your dental hygienist.

Fluoride treatment

Using fluoride is the final step in the cleaning process. This treatment protects your teeth against cavities and lasts many months.

Your dentist may ask you which flavor of fluoride you prefer. The mouthpiece will be placed over your teeth by the dental hygienist. The gel is usually left on your teeth for about one minute. Fluoride varnish can also be applied to the teeth using a small brush. Fluoride varnish can harden upon contact with saliva, so you can eat immediately and drink right away.

Other possible steps

While professional teeth cleanings are usually scheduled twice per year, Digital X-rays are typically done once a calendar year. However, your dentist may perform additional exams depending on the findings of your oral health professional. A dentist might recommend molar sealants for children to prevent cavities from developing in difficult-to-brush areas.

If you require additional steps, the important thing is to continue going to the dentist for regular cleanings. This will prevent any problems from ever happening. Understanding what is going on ahead of time will make you feel more relaxed and enjoy these visits.

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