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What are the three frequently asked questions on dental implants?

August 9, 2022
Dental Implants

Dental implants can be considered the best tooth restoration option for those who have lost teeth or missing teeth. One may lose a tooth due to an infection that necessitated tooth extraction or a tooth lost due to a fall or accident. Dental implants are a standard procedure that restores the patient’s smile by replacing the missing teeth with prosthetic teeth that look and feel natural. Not everyone knows in detail about dental implants. This blog will discuss the frequently asked questions on dental implants in Riverside.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants use crowns, fixed bridges, or dentures to provide the patient with a prosthetic tooth that looks and functions similar to a natural tooth. Implants are titanium posts placed into the jawbone where they act as a replacement for the tooth’s root that has been lost. Titanium is preferred because of its lightweight and robust characteristics. It also bonds readily with the bone, thus providing extended support. 

How beneficial are dental implants over traditional tooth restoration options?

Even though tooth restoration options such as bridges, crowns, and dentures provide patients with adequate tooth replacement, each has its disadvantages. Dental implants are an effective, stable, long-lasting tooth restoration option for patients. It is ideal for those looking for a permanent replacement for their missing teeth. Patients with dental implants in Riverside have better oral health since it does not rely on the surrounding teeth for support as in other tooth restoration options. Furthermore, tooth restoration options such as dentures can cause problems speaking and eating conveniently. Such problems are eliminated with dental implants.  

Can everyone opt for dental implants?

Because you have missing teeth does not qualify for dental implant treatment. The Riverside implants dentist may check your oral health, especially the condition of the remaining teeth and gums, which has to be in good shape for the dental implant treatment to succeed. If the dentist determines tooth decay, periodontal disease, and broken teeth in you, then such dental problems need to be treated before proceeding with the dental implant treatment. The quality and quantity of bones in the jaw are also essential to qualify for dental implants in Riverside. There should be enough surrounding bone to support the implant placement. Oral health maintenance after the implant treatment is also essential. You will have to follow the guidelines mentioned by the implants dentist Riverside, including a suggested cleaning schedule and always keeping the teeth and gums healthy.
If you want to know whether you are eligible for dental implant treatment, schedule an appointment with the best implant dentist Riverside.